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Surface dressing is a method of improving the existing surface of a road, by applying a new layer on top of the existing Tarmac. This is more cost-effective than replacing the whole surface.

The process involves a few simple steps:

1. A bituminous binder emulsion is applied from a purpose-built spray tanker onto the existing road surface. This is the ‘tar’ stage.

2. Once the binder is fully applied, it is immediately followed by the even application of aggregate chippings.

3. The resulting mixture is either left to be compacted by regular road traffic, or in some cases is rolled to press the chippings in.


Advantages of tar & chip

  • Seals the road surface to prevent water infiltration, a primary cause of asphalt pavement decay.
  • Aids in halting the deterioration of both the road surface and the underlying pavement structure.
  • Restores adequate skid resistance to the road, thereby lowering the occurrence of skid-related traffic incidents.
  • Can mitigate hazardous spray generated by vehicles on wet roads.
  • Considerably more economical than excavating the road and installing an entirely new tarmac/asphalt surface.
  • Can be swiftly and efficiently applied, reducing road closure durations.

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