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Rendering Services

As approved Johnston installers, within the Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield range, we offer a number of high performance render systems suitable for application to a diverse number of external surfaces.

External Wall Insulation systems have been specially designed and developed to provide high performance solutions to our customers. We offer a wide range of insulation materials, fixings and finish choices to make sure that the performance and the aesthetic of our systems are perfectly aligned to your needs.

Why use external wall insulation?

Our systems insulate properties, reduce energy costs and keep inhabitants warmer. In addition to retaining heat and providing buildings with a highly durable finish, our External Wall Insulation also offers the following benefits:

Eliminates cold bridges in property walls

Provides a new, improved look to properties in need of refurbishment

Pushes the dew point out to help prevent condensation and damp

Protects the structural fabric of buildings from the elements.

Render Systems

Stormshield High Performance Render System

A modern, high technology render system, formulated for application to traditional masonry substrates and developed using polymer modified technology.

– High performance, polymer modified render systems
– High levels of crack resistance
– Suitable for new and refurbishment work

Stormshield Scratch Render System

Stormshield Scratch Render is a high quality, cement based formulation that has been modified with polymer to provide a durable and attractive all weather solution for any project.

– Through-coloured for lower maintenance
– Suitable for new build and refurbishment work 
– Excellent long term fade protection

Stormshield High Flex Render System

A highly modified polymer system that brings ultimate flexibility for application to render carrier boards and on substrates where adhesion, flexibility and crack resistance is paramount.

– High Flexibility, polymer modified render system
– Ultimate crack resistance
– Can be applied to render carrier board

One Coat Render System

OCR is a breathable, traditional cement based render that is simple to prepare and features wet-on-wet application ability. Combined, these features increase the overall speed of application, ultimately aiding the critical path of any project.

-Simple material preparation
-Simple application
-Weather resistant (once a decorative finish is applied)

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