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LGS Houses

LGS Houses

Nexgen develops and supplies a range of light gauge steel housing solutions to the UK and African markets, using Light Gauge Steel (LGS) – a low cost construction technology. We can supply a “one stop solution” for all housing developments, including planning, infrastructure provisions and development.

Up to 5 times faster than a conventional build.

Nexgen LGS construction technology is a production system, where building elements are produced from galvanised steel using a cold forming process. Once the building specifications have been agreed, the structural design is then processed and conveyed to the state of the art Structure ROBOT lines where it is produced.

LGS Houses

The walls, frame, roof, truss and other construction components are erected by means of profiles manufactured on the Structure ROBOT machinery lines. They are then bonded by fixings in the system to meet the individual project’s requirements/regulations. Once the completed frame system has been assembled at the construction site, the insulation and surface side mounting are then fitted using eco-friendly, fully natural materials. These materials are branded HEKIMPOR Technology (insulation) and Turksiding (surface side mounting – fibre cement technology). They are produced to A-1 fire rating standards, are non-combustible, and durable to varying climate conditions.

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