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Nexgen Fibre Cement

In the today’s ever changing conditions, the construction industry requires that the external envelope performs and meets specific conditions and features such as fire resistivity, weatherability, water resistance, and thermal insulation. At the same time, modern architecture and standards demand that products meet the aesthetic and technical properties as outlined by the specifier. Nexgen are proud to provide our own fibre cement board which consists of 100% natural products. Using a combination of cellulose fibres, silica and portland cement. Our fibre cement boards are produced using the autoclave method, and provided as a flat sheet in linear length and cut to specific sizes within the production range and supplied to meet our customers internal and external cladding requirements

We are proud to offer analternative solution, our fibre cement board have a

Fire rating: Class A1 to BS EN 13501-1 & CE marked.

Our product is unique with the following characteristics:

Made from 100% natural materials
* It is a non-combustible construction material certified to A1 class according to EN13501-1
* Air Tight Panel
* Thermal conductivity A = 0.20 W / mK
* Waterproof
* We provide standard sizes.
* We manufacture special sizes to ensure less onsite wastage – free of charge (assisting with BREEAM scores)
* Maintenance-free – hassle-free
* Resistant to mould and fungi
* Long life span similar to stone materials


Interior or Exterior cladding
* Used on steel-frame applications and timber frame applications
* As a sandwich panel form/partition wall element
* Decorative finishes


Installation Rainscreen Cladding

Aluminium Brackets and Rails – Fire Safety Information.

CRETOX is installed using a rainscreen cladding support brackets and rails are made of non-combustible, sustainable aluminium, which does not burn.

Our specified Rainscreen Systems Ltd BBA Assessment 09/4678 describes:
Behaviour in relation to fire — in respect of reaction to fire, the systems
may be regarded as having a class 0 or ‘low risk’ surface in accordance with the national Building Regulations (see section 7).
Our Aluminium Bracket and rails have a fire rating of A1– Non combustible and offers no contribution to fire.

NV1 - Vertical cladding system

NV1 - Vertical cladding system

NV1 is the NVELOPE back frame – vertical cladding applications Suitable as a back frame system – NV1 is suitable for face fixing / rivet fixing cladding elements to e.g. fibre cement, high-pressure laminate (HPL), ACM and metal rainscreen panels. NV1 is the basis of all NVELOPE support systems.


Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to EN 573-3
(material) and EN 755 production standards.


British Board of Agrément (BBA) - 09/4678


NVELOPE brackets (V): allows adjustment between the face of the
primary support to outer face of vertical profile. Thermal isolators: hard
PVC isolator assembled as standard (located between the NVELOPE
bracket and the primary structural support system).




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