Mare Facade

Thanks to CBOARD Mare Process which brings very high strengths and stresses into a calm but strongest structure attaining exceptional tensile and compressive strength and the most compact compiling as to obtain worlds least water absorbing stone in its category. It is one of the strongest ‘’natural stone’’.

Concretes which involve smaller size mineral grains and high binder content are under heavy treat of expansion and shrinkage forces that can cause cracks and shape irregularities under climate changes. CBOARD Mare Technologies as solved the problem, combines good characters of stone and concrete to each other in a unique manner.

This highly privileged strong formation permits them to be cut as word’s thinnest stones (and lightest) in considerably large size panels. CBOARD Mare which involves natural ingredients, whom are compiled and compacted to a maximum like natural stones, looks like natural stones, breaths and behaves like natural stones with a long life span and high durability.

Mare Facade

CBOARD Mare Facade cement based high performance engineered stone has a versatility that broadens the application of sandstone, limestone, portland stone, travertine and such marbles, allowing for the creation of new, uniform colours as well as wide range of formats and architectural details with full natural view.

*Cement based.
*Ultra-high strength.
*Fire resistant and non-combustible.
*Low water absorption.
*Highly resistant against cracking.
*Unique characteristic.
*Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
*11 standard color and 4 surface finishing options.
*Custom-color is available.

Colours and Textures

Major CBOARD Mare categories are in range of white and beige colours (also andezite, light brick, gray) includes a minimum level of pigmentation that could be considered negligable. Their major tones come from minerals, ie from the nature itself. Colour pigments used in CBOARD Mare are highest quality natural pigments of iron oxides. Iron oxides are known for their high UV resistance. Although it is cement based, efflorence is not encountered at CBOARD Mare, colour and shades are permanent. Selection is a very important factor to obtain a consistent colour and shade stone set or series in natural stone business. This is guaranteed in CBOARD Mare, all the stone panels are already selected. While colour consistency is assured, none of the CBOARD Mare panels are exactly similar to each other. They are not monotonous like ‘’artificial stones’’. Thanks to the unique CBOARD Mare process, arranging slightest colour and shade discrepancies to each stone. CBOARD Mare is unique, natural, soft and appealing.




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