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Metal Brick Channel Panel

Metal Brick Channel Panel

A new, lightweight, mechanically fixed cladding system that delivers all the benefits of natural clay brick. The system is designed to provide substantial cost savings compared to similar systems and delivers the flexibility and aesthetic appeal of real brick in a fraction of the time.

It is made of 0.5 mm galvanised steel with a size of 450X1125 mm. . It is a plate with special clasps and locking mechanisms for connecting the overlay bricks. 2 sheets of 1m² surface is obtained. 

It has been designed to provide the mechanical support panel with a slim button, which is currently available for any configuration. Suitable for commercial, residential and industrial construction interior and exterior façade applications. The I-S Board System offers design flexibility to overcome common problems associated with moisture resistance and substrate mismatch caused by overheating. Resistant to fire and moisture.

Installation can achieve up to 30 m² per day

Application stages

1 On flat surface (OSB, concrete plate, gypsum board surfaces, etc.) board panels are fixed with drill bit screws, rivets and dowels.

2 Adhesive polyurethane sealants between the channels are applied by means of a sealant gun.

3 Polyurethane mastic plated bricks are installed in a single vertical joint with 1 cm joint.

4 The joints are filled with the joint filler gun once the coating is completed.

5 Once the joint fill is completed, the joints are expected to take place. After taking the socket, the joints are corrected by the joint trowel.

6 Finally, after fixing it with a joint trowel, it is cleaned with the help of a dry brush.

Metal Brick Channel Panel
Cladding system
Polyurethane sealants
Metal Brick Channel Panel
Metal Brick Channel Panel

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