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GRC Brick Channel Panel

GRC Brick Channel Panel

Brick channel panel products are developed specifically for lining bricks with ease and speed. Perfect adaptability with bricks. Fire class: A1. Available in 60 x125 cm. standard dimensions. Fast and smooth workmanship. Lightweight and eco-friendly. Installed using a screw retained system.

  • Cement based.
  • High-strength and ductility.
  • Fire resistant and non-combustible.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Highly resistant against cracking.
  • Unique characteristic.
  • Suitable to be cut to desired size.
  • Similar characteristics with bricks.
  • Fast and smooth workmanship.
Brick channel panel

Due to differences in texture, it offers suitable options for every style and concept.

Perfect adaptability with bricks
lining bricks
Perfect adaptability with bricks

Application Stages on Concrete

1 Işıklar Flex Adhesive material is applied to the surface by using 8-10 mm notched trowel.

Flex Adhesive material

2 A small amount of Işıklar Flex Adhesive is applied to the back of the brick slab and then glued to the surface properly by the help of laths (metal), rope, plastic tile spacer or wedge with 1 cm gap.

Glued to the surface

3 Joint filler, which is to be used for brick slips can be applied min. 1 cm in width.

Joint filler

4 The joint filler should be carefully applied to the brick surface with a sealant gun.

Brick surface with a sealant gun

5 After joint filler is dried enough, it should be shaped with a pointing trowel.

Shaped with a pointing trowel

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