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CBOARD UHPC is a cement based, fibre-reinforced ultra high performance concrete panel having advanced properties compared to traditional concrete. Its specially engineered form makes it at the top resistance to outside elements thanks to its almost inexistent porosity. It is often used as precast façade panel, rainscreen or curtain wall.

CBOARD UHPC has been carefully engineered by experts to reach a special structure with the molecules brought very close and bound to each other with strong bonds which attains exceptional tensile and compressive strength with an impermeable form thanks to low water/ binder ratios and small grains. Its permeability stands out where superior durability characteristics are sought due to either demanding project specifications requirements or environmental restrictions. Compared to conventional concrete precast elements or thin cementitious products, CBOARD UHPC leads the way in terms of freeze/thaw strength, fire-resistant structure, resistance to carbonation and sulphates, dimensional stability, ductility and sustainability. Betonex always keeps close look at its manufacturing processes including but not limited to testing the raw materials and final products in line with international standards to continuously have the utmost quality in this beautifully designed matrix.

  • Cement based.
  • High-strength and ductility.
  • Fire resistant and non-combustible.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Highly resistant against cracking.
  • Unique characteristic.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
  • Suitable to be cut to desired size.
  • Can be painted to desired color.
Cement based
Cement based

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