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CBOARD Wooden Texture Panel

CBOARD Wooden Texture Panel

Wooden texture panels are decorative products that give façades a wooden look. If desired, edges may be chamfered. May be painted with any exterior paint, and installed using a screw-retained or hidden system.

  • It is used as coating material on interior or exterior surfaces of buildings.
  • The desired edges of the product can be chamfered at an angle of 45.
  • It can be sized for project with specific dimensions.
  • It is produced in thicknesses between 8-20 mm and the thickness is constant throughout the section.
  • Application system is “Rivet / Screw System”, “Hidden System” or “Clip System”.
  • It has its own smooth texture.
  • It can be easily painted with any exterior paint.
  • Its fire classification is A1 and it is fireproof.
  • It is lightweight there is no extra load on the structures.
  • It is human and environment friendly.
  • It is durable.
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