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CBOARD Exposed Concrete Texture Panel

CBOARD Exposed Concrete Texture Panel

Exposed concrete texture panel products are shipped to the site in grey. Colour fluctuation on the surface may be done upon request. Mechanically installed using a hidden clip system. The exposed concrete-look may be painted over.

  • It is used as coating material on interior or exterior surfaces of buildings.
  • The desired edges of the product can be chamfered at an angle of 45.
  • It can be sized for project with specific dimensions.
  • It is produced in thicknesses between 8-20 mm and the thickness is constant throughout the section.
  • Application system is “Rivet / Screw System”, “Hidden System” or “Clip System”.
  • It has its own smooth texture.
  • It can be easily painted with any exterior paint.
  • Its fire classification is A1 and it is fireproof.
  • It is lightweight there is no extra load on the structures.
  • It is human and environment friendly.
  • It is durable.
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