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Betonex Cladding

Betonex Cladding


Nexgen offers a range of exterior/interior panels under the Betonex brand. Betonex Glass-fibre reinforced concrete or GFRC is a type of fibre reinforced concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short, discrete fibres that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. The characteristics of fibre reinforced concrete change with varying mixtures, fibre materials, geometries, distribution, orientation, and densities. Nexgen supply a range of premium GFRC products and use either colour aggregate techniques or pigmentation process in the production processes to match the colour tone without affecting the mechanical properties of the concrete.


Betonex CBOARD Panel’s structure is created using natural materials which makes it eco-friendly while keeping it strong, stable, durable and lightweight. Thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing technology, CBOARD panels stand out among its alternatives with a fixed thickness and stable production.

CBOARD UHPC has been carefully engineered by experts to reach a special structure which attains exceptional tensile and compressive strength with an impermeable form thanks to low water/binder ratios, small grains and fibre reinforcement

CBOARD Mare, like natural stones, is a well compacted formation of various sized mineral granules with the binder cement manufactured thanks to the unique CBOARD Mare Technologies Process resulting in dense, compact, lowest porosity structure.


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