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Light Gauge Division

Nexgen is delighted to have established a fully integrated design team for its Light Gauge division. Nexgen can now to design, model, manufacture, supply and install a one stop shop solution to all developers, house builders, architects etc…

With SAP2000, we offer a single user interface to perform modelling, analysis, design, and reporting.
Our strategy is that It’s time for structural engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, contractors and project managers to rise beyond traditional limits on every stage of construction. With our design team using Tekla Structures, we can create, combine, manage and share information with remarkable efficiency. Accurate 3D models put you on the cutting-edge without complications.
See attached html file of our 3m x 3m demo which enables Nexgen to communicate, share and collaborate in a easily shareable lightweight file without having to worry about design software compatibility.
See attached 3D model of our 3m x 3m demo which will be available in our unit from August 2023.
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